Large Scale mining Licence

  • Agency: Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development - Mining Cadastre Unit (MMMD - CMU)
  • Purpose: Confers on the holder exclusive rights to carry on mining and prospecting operations
  • Application Fee: ZMK 360,000. ZMW 360.00
  • License Fee: Area Charges: i. Year 1 and 2 ZMK 36,000 ZMW 36.00 per Sq.Km per year. ii.Year 3 and 4 ZMK 36,000 ZMW 36.00per Sq.Km per year. iii. Year 5 and 6 ZMK 36,000 ZMW 36.00 per Sq. Km per year. iv. Year 7 onwards ZMK 36,000. ZMW 36.00 per Sq.Km per year other fees include a ZMK 36,000 ZMW 36.00 per Sq. Km per year.
  • Maximum Processing Time: 60 Days
  • Validity: A period not exceeding 25 years
  • Resolution Criteria: The director shall in considering an application for a large scale mining take the following into account: (a). Whether there are sufficient deposits or reserves of minerals to justify their commercial exploitation. (b) That the area of land which the licence is sought for is not excess of the prescribed area. (c) That the applicant's proposed programme for mining operations will ensure the efficient and beneficial use of the mineral resources for the mining area. (d) That the applicant's environmental management plan conforms to specifications and practices established by national standards. (e) Proof of adequate financial resources , technical competence and experience to carry out effective mining operations. (f) Proof of consent if the land is within a National Park, Game Management area, National Forest or local protected forest or a bird sanctuary. (g) The applicant's proposal for the employment and training of citizens of Zambia. (h) That the applicant is not in breach of any condition of the prospecting licence or any provision of the Act.
  • (a) A statement of the period for which the licence is sought.
  • (b) A statement of the minerals to be mined under the licence
  • (c) a comprehensive statement of the mineral deposits in the area over which the licence is sought including details of all known minerals proved,estimated or inferred,ore reserves and mining conditions
  • (e) The applicant's environmental management plan including the proposals for prevention of pollution , the treatment of waste , the protection and reclamation of land and water resources, and for the elimination or minimising the adverse effects on the environment of the mining operations
  • (f) Details of expected infrastructure requirements
  • (g) The applicant's proposals for employing and training citizens of Zambia
  • (h) The applicant's proposals for the promotion of local business development
  • (i) A full description, with geographical coordinates, of the area of land for which the large-scale mining licence is sought, but not exceeding seven thousand, four hundred and eighty -five cadastre units
  • (j)Tax clearance certificate issued under the Income Tax Act, Cap. 323
  • (k) A plan of the proposed mining area
  • (l) any other information as the Director for Geological Survey may require
  • Licensing Body: Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development - Mining Cadastre Unit (MMMD - CMU)
    • Head Office

      • Tel: +260 211 251957
      • Physical Address: Exploration House, Ridgeway, Opposite Ridgeway Post Office
      • City: Lusaka

Downloadable Application Forms