The Business Regulatory Review Agency (BRRA) was established in 2014 as part of the Private Sector Development Reform Programme (PSDRP) with the goal of reducing the cost of doing business and creating an environment conducive for business development and growth.

The BRRA is a specialized Government agency established under the Business Regulatory Act No. 3 of 2014. It became operational in January 2016.


The Business Regulatory Review Agency is mandated to administer the Business Regulatory Act. The Act has introduced a set of principles, procedures and minimum requirements for the introduction of regulatory measures.


“To improve the regulatory environment, quality of regulations and lessen the regulatory burden for sustainable business development and growth.”


 “To be an indispensable ally of the Zambian businesses that fosters a world class business environment.”


Arising from its functions, the objectives for which the BRRA was established are: –

  1. To improve the quality of regulation by ensuring that businesses are regulated in a fair, equitable and transparent manner and for specific and legitimate reasons (better regulation);
  2. To ensure consistent regulation, curb red tape and abuse of regulatory powers and that businesses have a say in their regulation;
  3. To ensure that regulatory bodies discharge their functions effectively and efficiently and in a coordinated manner;
  4. To ease and reduce the cost of compliance with regulation and ultimately, foster a pro-business, transparent, simpler and cost effective regulatory regime;
  5. Give a voice to businesses in how they are regulated.